Amazing Story: A Woman Cured Breast Cancer with Apricot Kernels

Imagine you have no money, no health insurance, and probably no viable option for curing cancer.

That is how Tamara St.John felt just months before getting her Master degree.

She was diagnosed with cancer in April 2009, and she was due to graduate in June 2009. The doctors found a lump in her breast, but she ignored it at the beginning.

At the first moment, she was thinking that she cannot think about cancer now, that she needs to focus her attention on her Master.

At the time when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she still had a job. One month later, in May 2009, Tamara lost her job.

Because of her Master, and the stress in her life, Tamara said she would not go to chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or any other traditional medical cure.

When diagnosed with cancer, many people opt for chemo and radiation. However, as money is often an issue, people opt for all-natural treatments.

Tamara was one of those people, and she describes her journey, and how long it took before she was finally cancer free.

The main reason Tamara opted for natural treatment was her mother.

Back when Tamara was 12 years old, or 30 years before she herself was diagnosed with cancer, her mother was going through chemotherapy. Tamara couldn’t go through it again.

So she started crying, sat in front of her computer, and said to herself, “God, I am in your hands now”. She asked God for guidance, and that is how she discovered natural treatments like apricot kernels and detoxifying.

At the time she started the therapy, her chest area was swollen, it was itching and everything was visible.

Tamara started all natural therapy with apricot kernels in June 2009. At the time, she was sleeping for 15 hours per day as she was exhausted.

Within just couple of weeks of juicing, apricot kernels and detoxifying, the pain was reduced and the lump in her breast was reduced as well.

Few months after she started the process, she was finally seeing some results as her body was healing.

But in September, she was shocked to see a rash appear on her neck. She thought that cancer has spread.

So, Tamara talked with doctors, nutritionists, and other people that have tried a natural treatment.

It turned out that the rash is a sign of her body healing. Her epidural growth back receptor was signalizing her that the cancer is leaving her body.

The rash was just the aftereffect. So Tamara continued the healing process.

Seven months after she started the process, her body was completely healed. Tamara was feeling fine, and she made the single biggest mistake that people can make.

She went back to her normal life. The struggle many patients with cancer experience are that there is no going back to your normal life.

Tamara experienced that as well. After she came back to her normal life, eating donuts and other unhealthy food, cancer came back, and this time it was worse than before.

By December 2010, Tamara was exhausted, and nothing was working. One night, she went to bed, and she was crying and ready to die.

She said to herself “this is it, I am done”. She was ready to die. But the next morning, she went to the bathroom, and she had diarrhea.

After a couple of trips to the bathroom, Tamara was standing in the toilet and felt like the fog was raised.

She finally got her strength back to get back to the detoxifying process, apricot kernels and juicing.

Tamara admits that the process takes almost a whole day, but it is better than all the alternatives out there.

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