10 Ways to Use Coconut Oil at Home

Is coconut oil a part of your home life? Whether you use it for cooking, skin care or more, this superfood is growing in popularity due to the many ways it helps out around the house. This natural plant product offers you and your family a wide range of health benefits, including improving your pet’s life and your household as a whole.

Here are 10 ways to use coconut oil at home.
Cooking and Eating
1. Cooking Oil — Some oils shouldn’t be cooked at high temperatures, but coconut oil can withstand the heat. Use coconut oil instead of butter or vegetable oil for healthier meals.
2. Added Flavor — Given that the taste of coconut oil complements a variety of foods, add a touch of it to your daily coffee, tea or smoothie for a quick, easy flavor boost.
Skin Care and Beauty
3. Makeup Remover — If you’re desperate for a way to wash off waterproof makeup, put coconut oil on your fingers, massage it into your skin and feel your makeup melt away.
4. Face and Body Moisturizer — With its soothing, hydrating and relieving properties, rubbing coconut oil on your face and body will alleviate dry skin.
Hair Care
5. Leave-In Conditioner – Similar to the way coconut oil works wonders for your skin, applying it to the tips of your hair and leaving it in overnight will make for healthier-looking locks in the morning.
6. Static Eliminator — When you’re battling dry air and static-y hair, rub coconut oil on your fingers and then run them through your hair for a tame look.  
Pet Care
7. Energy Boost — If your cat or dog needs a change of pace, mix a tablespoon of coconut oil into his or her next meal for enhanced taste and added energy.
8. Natural Toothpaste — For the days when your dog’s oral hygiene is a priority, brush your pet’s teeth using coconut oil as a natural toothpaste. 
Home Care
9. Household Lubricant — When the mechanical functions in your home are getting old, apply coconut oil to loosen them up.
10.  Cookware Treatment — If you need to season cast-iron cookware, spread coconut oil on the surface and heat in the oven as many times as needed to formulate a non-stick surface.
These 10 ways to use coconut oil at home are great places to start taking advantage of every benefit this natural plant extract has to offer. Whether you use this edible oil for your family, pets, house or all three, adopt coconut-based products into your routine to eat well and live better.


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