10 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Eating at Burger King

I am pretty sure that you know what junk food means.

Burger King

If you don’t, I will refer you to the Wikipedia page.

In short, every food that contains excessive amounts of calories and fat is classified as junk food.

There are no healthy calories in it, no good nutrients, just what nutritionists like to call “empty calories”.

Now, every now and then, we crave for junk food because it is fast and it gets us full at the moment.

But, when it comes to junk food, there are good companies and bad companies.

Burger King is one of those with a not so robust food menu.

Now, I am not saying that other fast food restaurants are better, but for the time being, let’s take a look at the menu of Burger King.

The problem is, many of the food items on the list contain harmful ingredients and compounds.

Here are they.

High Fructose Corn Sugar

Some of the food items on the menu in Burger King contain sugar and corn sugar, which is actually high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

In addition to fattening the heart with bad cholesterol, HFCS contributes to gaining fat much more than regular sugar.

One study has shown that rats that were being fed with HFCS gained 300% more fat.

And while the liver, the kidneys and the gallbladder process HFCS, it can be highly destructive to their normal and proper functioning.

Last, but not least, high fructose corn sugar is extremely rich with mercury, one of the most harmful metals.


Now, I know most of you think of soy in a good way, as a vegan and macrobiotic alternative.

However, soy is extremely rich in phytoestrogen, a plant-based estrogen that can mimic the estrogen in our body.

Some of the conditions that occur due to a diet rich in phytoestrogen are breast cancer, low libido, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, and infertility.

And that is even before we start with other harmful compounds of soy such as trypsin inhibitors, goitrogens or thyroid suppressors and phytates.

If that isn’t enough reason to reconsider soy, let me refer you to an earlier article of mine.

Partially hydrogenated soybean oil

What sounds like a complicated compound, is actually an unnatural fat that can cause cellular dysfunction.

The end result is cancer, diabetes, heart disease, bone degeneration, asthma, autoimmune disease and much more as a result of increased levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

Hydrogenated palm kernel oil

Another man made oil that is extremely harmful, palm kernel oil is heated at an extremely high temperature before injected with nickel, aluminum or platinum as a metal catalyst.

One molecule away and you’ve got yourself plastic.

And if the plastic is so healthy and good, why are you keeping your children away from eating their toys?

Flour (gluten)

For those who are gluten sensitive, eating at Burger King is an experience you’d rather pass.

Almost every meal in the restaurant contains gluten which can cause symptoms like rash, itching, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dizziness, weights loss, cramps, vomiting and much.

You already know these symptoms if you are gluten sensitive.


A compound that is extremely high in trans fatty acids (the worst fatty acids), margarine increases your bad while lowering your good cholesterol.

As well as palm kernel oil, margarine is also one molecule away from being plastic.

Monosodium Glutamate, Disodium Guanylate, Disodium Inosinate

Three more ingredients with a complicated name, but a simple goal, as they are all flavor enhancers.

The bad news is that they can overstimulate cells to the point of death, and have been linked with headaches, obesity, hormonal fluctuations and much more.

Blue #1

Getting to the ingredients that have a code name, not a full name.

This compound can produce malignant tumors. It has been tested on rats.

Other possible side effects include allergic reactions, low blood pressure, hives, asthma, hay fever and much more.

If you are aspirin sensitive, be cautious when eating at Burger King.

Yellow #5 and Yellow #6

These artificial colors cause allergic reactions, cancer, migraines, vomiting, nettle rash and hypersensitivity.

They can be found in the pickles and chicken patties.

Red #40

Found in Strawberry Milkshakes and Chicken Patties, red color enhancers damage your DNA and cause swelling around the mouth.

Something Extra to Blow Your Mind

I don’t know if you remember it, but in 2013, Burger King was one of the fast food restaurants that were faced with allegations of using horsemeat in their foods.

At the time, Burger King acknowledged the mistake and tried to fix it.

However, once a company as big as Burger King allows such mistake, you know that the trust level has fallen.

That is for me at least. If you are not like me, continue eating at Burger King.

But I like to get my meat in a healthier way.


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