10 Not So Beautiful Things That Happen When You Wear High Heels

Women love wearing high heels. And there are many benefits to wearing heels.

One of the biggest is that you look more attractive. Your butt is lifted, your legs look longer, and your entire posture changes.

Yes, you appear more feminine, but wearing heels has its own downsides.

Now, the question is whether looking more attractive and feminine is worth the adverse side effects?

There are many dire consequences of wearing high heels. Your body takes a lot of wear and tear.

And to help you answer the previous question, I want to share with you 10 things that happen when you wear high heels for long period of time.

And no, they are not nearly as attractive as you are when you wear heels.

Poor posture

When you wear heels, your body has to balance the pressure in some way.

To balance things out, your body leans forward, while the upper body moves backward. You put a lot of pressure on the front of your feet, and this is the reaction of your body.

You might imagine that having your body leaning forward and backward is not good. The result is you end up with poor posture.

Unaligned spine

I said that wearing heels changes your posture. Yes, you look more attractive, but that comes with a price.

When you wear heels, your entire lower back is pushed forward. As a result, your hips and spine are pushed out of proper alignment. The end result is poor posture, and back pain.

Pressure on the ball of the foot

When you wear heels, your foot is not flat. It is only logical that when you apply pressure on one side, the others balances and suffers.

That means that the higher the heel, the more pressure your ball of the foot takes.

When you wear just 3-inch heels, two thirds of your body’s weight is put on the ball of the foot. Now that is a lot, isn’t it?


I talked previously about back pain, and sciatica is right up there.

One of the more painful conditions, sciatica manifests as muscle weakness, spasms, numbness, tingling sensation, and cramping in the lower back and then continues down the legs.

Wearing high heels can seriously worsen the symptoms of sciatica.

Now, it doesn’t cause sciatica, but it will worsen the symptoms. And you can be sure your doctor will recommend wearing flats.

Knee pain

You do not need to be a doctor to notice this symptom.

Just watch how your knees bend when you walk in heels. Pay little attention, and you will notice that heels are bad influence on your knees as well.

That happens is that you put extra pressure on the knee, which strains the joints.

As a result, you experience pain. In the worst case scenario, wearing heels might cause fractures on your knee.

Ingrown toe nails

We all know that heels push toes together. But if you wear them constantly, your toe nails will adapt to the situation.

When you wear heels constantly, your big toe starts to grow under the skin. The condition is known as “ingrown toe nail”.

Leg cramps

Every woman I know, says that after wearing heels for few hours, her feet hurts. But you will also experience pain in the leg as well.

The muscles in your calves and back are shortened as a result of wearing heels. And that might cause leg cramps and muscle spasms.

Higher risk of osteoarthritis

If you do not want to end up with osteoarthritis, it might be time to consider wearing high heels only when you absolutely must.

Wearing heels that are 3-inches high vastly increases the risk of developing osteoarthritis.

Shoulder pain

You probably think what do my shoulders have with wearing heels? Well, there is a connection between shoulder pain and high heels.

Heels effect much more than just your feet. They impact your back, your shoulders, and your neck. And that is all because you alter the natural shape of your body.

So, if you experience shoulder pain after wearing heels, you know what is the cause.

Worsen bunions

As mentioned previously, wearing heels pushes your toes forward. And no matter if you have bunions or not, you should avoid high heels.

When you have bunions and you wear heels, your bunions become worse.

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