Yoga for Weight Loss: How to Burn Calories While Relaxing

You’ve probably heard it, or you will hear it that “yoga is a great way to burn fat without breaking a sweat”. But how true that statement is? People always look at yoga as a great way to relieve stress, relax your muscles, and mainly reap the mental benefits of practicing yoga [1]. But there […] Read More

Pain in Left Temple: Headache or Something Else?

In most cases, pain in left temple is caused by tension, sinus problems, or stress, the ever present cause. I am sure most of you have experienced stabbing pain in left temple at one point or another. In rare cases, the pain can be caused by a more severe condition as a stroke or brain […] Read More

What are Scabs on Scalp? How to Treat Common Scalp Issues?

Are you constantly scratching your head? If the answer is yes, you might have scabs on scalp. These scabs are raised and crusty areas of patches on the scalp. In some cases they are yellowish. Rarely, they can also be reddish, black, or dark brown. Scabs on scalp are itchy, unsightly, frustrating, and can sometimes […] Read More

Do you Need Vitamins for Weight Loss?

Let’s say you are sticking to low-calorie and low-fat diet. And you are working out on a regular basis. But somehow, the results do not show up on the scale. Are you wondering what the problem is? Truth be told, there could be many scenarios. One of them is you are missing vitamins for weight […] Read More

The Best Natural Diuretics to Get Rid of Water Retention

What are diuretics? They help your body get rid of excess fluid, which is usually water and sodium. Diuretics stimulate the kidneys to excrete more sodium into the urine [1]. And when your body flushes away sodium due to diuretics, you also flush away water. Natural diuretics, and diuretics in general help you get rid […] Read More

How to Get Rid of Muffin Top Quick and Easy

Any extra belly fat is frustrating. We all want a flat stomach, and once we notice some extra fat around our middle, we go in panic mode. It is hard to change and get rid of extra belly fat. There is no single way for how to get rid of muffin top. Instead, it is […] Read More

The Best Foods With Iodine You Should Eat Every Day

Iodine is one of the vital nutrients for our body. The main role of iodine s to regulate thyroid function and support a healthy metabolism. The problem is many adults do not consume enough foods with iodine, and the result is deficiency in one of the important minerals for our body [1]. Iodine is present […] Read More

What Causes Explosive Diarrhea? How to Stop it?

Almost anyone of us experiences diarrhea at one point or another in his life [1]. Diarrhea is not a condition. It is a symptom of many conditions. Explosive diarrhea or severe diarrhea is a diarrhea in overdrive. At this point, the contractions of your bowels that help you pass feces become stronger and more forceful. […] Read More

Cucumber Water – Should You Drink It? And How to Make It?

When it comes to water infused drinks, most of us are familiar with lemon water and its benefits. But lemon water is not the only water infused recipe you can make. Cucumber water is just as good, if not better in some cases. Many people enjoy this healthy and refreshing drink at home, so why […] Read More

Benefits of Fasting: How to Fast for Overall Health?

When people think of fasting, they usually refer to the month of Ramadan. During this period, Muslims around the world engage in a declaration of faith involving abstaining from food and drink from dawn until dusk. Nowadays, however, there are many other fasting diets that claim there are numerous benefits of fasting [1]. One of […] Read More

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